1 Temmuz 2010 Perşembe

Lena Chamamyan-Sareri Hovin Mernem-Armenian song-Սարերի հովին մեռնեմ

Lena Chamamyan is a Syrian singer of Armenian descent. Born in Damascus, she started singing at an early age giving her first concert when she was five years old.

After graduating from the Faculty of Business in 2002, she studied eastern classical song at the Aleppo Conservatory, but also ventured into jazz and traditional Armenian music. On her first album Hal Asmar Ellon (2006), which reflects her style of oriental music mixed with elements of jazz, Chamamyan collaborated with the Aleppo-born instrumentalist and trumpet player Basel Rajoub.

In September 2006, Chamamyan and Rajoub were declared winners of the first Radio Monte Carlo Moyen-Orient Music Award at the Al Hussein Cultural Centre in Amman, Jordan.

In May 2007, Chamamyan launched her new album, entitled Shamat at Al Hamra Theater in Damascus.

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